March 21st, 2011
Happy Birthday Shawn and JS Bach!
Let us all celebrate his life today! Please light a candle and play a song for him at 5:00pm CST.

But he played on. He came alive on stage. His soul was freed.
And his fury and soulful playing was his cry to god to say -
I am here. I am alive. I have given it all for this moment.
This eternity of now is now mine.
Let me fly. Hear me sing. See me soar. Can you see what I see?

He is missed and loved so dearly.
Always in our thoughts, forever in our hearts. His music lives on...


from Tina Lane:
"As a tribute to my brother Shawn and in honor of his birthday,
I wrote lyrics to and sang these songs from the Tri-Tone Fascination album for his friends and fans-
to thank you for keeping his memory and music alive. With all of my heart, I hope you enjoy. Love, Tina."

"Without You"
"Come Home"