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Solo Albums

West Side Boogie (Promo Single), 1992 [Warner Bros.]

Powers of Ten, 1992 [Warner Bros.]

Powers of Ten (Re-Release), 1993 [Warner Bros.]

The Tri-Tone Fascination, 1999 [Eye Reckon]

The Tri-Tone Fascination (Re-Release), 2000 [Eye Reckon]

The Tri-Tone Fascination (Japan Release), 2000 [King Records JP]

Powers of Ten: Live!, 2001 [Eye Reckon]

Powers of Ten: Live! (Japan Release), 2001 [King Records JP]



Power Licks, 1993 (VHS & Booklet) [Warner Bros. REH]

Power Solos, 1993 (VHS & Booklet) [Warner Bros. REH]


With Jonas Hellborg

Abstract Logic, 1995 [Day Eight Music]

Temporal Analogues of Paradise, 1996 [Day Eight Music]

Time Is The Enemy, 1997 [Bardo Records]

Zen House, 1999 [Bardo Records]

Good People In Times Of Evil, 2000 [Bardo Records]

Personae, 2002 [Bardo Records]

Icon, 2002 [Bardo Records]

Time Is The Enemy (Re-Mastered), 2003 [Bardo Records]

Temporal Analogues of Paradise (Re-Mastered), 2003 [Bardo Records]

Abstract Logic (Re-Mastered), 2006 [Bardo Records]


Guest Appearances

Centrifugal Funk, 1991 [Legato US]

Centrifugal Funk (Euro Release), 1991 [Legato/Heading West EU]

Centrifugal Funk (Japan Release), 1991 [JIM JP]

On The Way Home, 1992 [Ethereal Thunder]

Two Doors (Euro Release), 1995 [CMP EU]

Two Doors, 1995 [CMP US]

Fission (Euro Release), 1997 [Heptagon EU]

Fission, 1998 [Shrapnel US]

Fission (Japan Release), 1998 [Pony Canyon JP]

Parker Card and The Sideman Syndicate, 1999 [Orchard]

Mood Du Jour, 2000 [Hapi Skratch]

Polaris, 2003 [ATO/Tone-Cool]

Richard Hallebeek Project, 2004 [Liquid Note]

Centrifugal Funk (Re-Release), 2004 [Tone Center]

Two Doors (Re-Release), 2006 [Times Square Records]

Studio Sessions

Looking for Shelter, 1989 [Label Unknown]

Highwayman 2, 1990 [Columbia]

Nu Thang, 1990 [Star Song]

When Love Comes Down, 1991 [Scotti Bros.]

Son of the South, 1992 [Cabin Fever Music]

Calvin Russell, 1997 [Last Call]

One Road Man, 1998 [Capitol]

Son of the South (Re-Release), 2000 [Blue Hat]


Lexicon Demo CD, Date Unknown [Label Unknown]

U.S. Metal, Vol. 4, 1985 [Shrapnel]

Guitar On The Edge, Vol. 1 No. 1, 1992 [Legato]

Guitar On The Edge, Vol. 1 No. 2, 1992 [Legato]

A Little On The CD Side, Vol. 7, 1993 [Musician Magazine]

Guitar’s Practicing Musicians, Vol. 3, 1994 [Guitar Recordings]

Guitar’s Practicing Musicians, Vol. 3 (Japan Release), 1994 [Victor JP]


Aural Agonist, Unknown Date [Eye Reckon]

Shawn Lane & DDT Live Unknown Date [Unknown Label]

Savage Innocence, 1981 [Unknown Label]

Inside A Dream, 2000 [Unknown Label]

The Film Music Album, 2000 [Unknown Label]

The Farthest Star, Steve Harris, 1994 [Unknown Label]